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Taboo Social Club

Microdosed cannabis & herbal adaptogens

We bridge ancient remedies to the next-gen world.

Created by NHL Stanley Cup Champion, Scott "The Sheriff" Parker who has found new life (after being diagnosed with a TBI) with his line of Strain Specific and Herbal Rollies, Flower, Tinctures and Topicals.


Good, clean, legal fun. Trusted by NHL and NFL Athletes.

Bridging ancient herbal remedies to the modern world.

Handcrafted Microdose Pre-Rolls, Tinctures + Topicals

Taboo Social Club
Taboo Social Club
Taboo Social Club
Taboo Social Club
Taboo Social Club

Shop for a cause!

What are you packing?

Buy or donate a Pelican Case Herbal Survival Kit to support Veterans in need.

Proceeds go to Parkers Platoon who support Veterans with Service Dog pairing, outdoor wellness activities and retreats, individualized wellness and medicine, and so much more!


Find your favorite!

Sourcing only certified organic herbs and wildcrafted hemp from sustainable farms.

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